Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Do you personalize Bb?

Do you decorate your dorm-room or apartment because you want to personalize your living experience? Great, you should!

Like your dorm or apartment, your Blackboard environment can be customized too. Each person has the ability to customize certain pages within SU's Bb.  For instance, the landing page of the Academics tab called "Courses" can have its colors customized and modules moved around (All you have to do is click the "Personalize Page" button to change the colors and the "up-down arrow" icon to move the modules).

Sure, this won't make your homework any easier, or your tests less stressful, but it just might make your Bb more visually pleasing which can lead to higher levels of satisfaction with your online learning experience.

This is the default coloring
This is an example of a color scheme that you can use to personalize your Bb

Beyond customizing individual pages, you can, as I have previously mentioned many times, edit your notification settings.  This will allow you to personalize how you receive information from your Bb courses and organizations.  Did you know that you can receive a text message when an item has been graded, come due, or made available?

Spend the few minutes it takes to tailor your Bb experience to fit your needs!

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