Friday, April 19, 2013

Google Plus Circles

Google Plus Circles (G+) are one of the ways you can share and receive social content with the right people. A staple of G+, Circles allow you to segment your friends, family and co-workers into easy to manage groups.

For example, if you'd like to share an interesting article with people you work with, you can set-up a circle with all of your important contacts. Conversely, if you want to share a family photo album you can easily include your friends and family.

Want more Google Plus tips? Here are a few of our favorite tips:

Since all SU staff and students have Google accounts, everyone can use G+ Circles to share and interact with groups or "circles" inside and out of the classroom. In the classroom to collaborate on group projects, to share scholarly research links, and to gain experience with the 2nd most popular social networking site. Outside the classroom to continue learning by interacting with students from other schools studying the same topic or to meet up with people who enjoy the same hobbies. Staff can use to talk with people on different campuses and as a professional development tool. 

LTech introduces you to Google Plus Circles and offers best-practices for getting started in the video below.

Everyone can learn more about Google and over 200+ other topics by watching videos on SU's Atomic Learning site at here. Prefer to have more traditional in person training, contact Devon Taylor or look at his training site at

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  1. I agree with your comment. We do need to promote G+ on campus.