Monday, April 7, 2014

OneTab: A simple Extension to Declutter Your Browser Work Space

Now more than ever people are relying on their browsers to complete their academic work.  I mean think about it, how often do you do the following:

  • Check Bb for an assignment
  • Follow links to read/watch/listen online materials
  • Post a journal, blog, or discussion board entry on Bb
  • Begin a group assignment by creating a google doc and sharing it with the participants. 
  • Submit the assignment
That is just normal every day stuff!  Think about how many browser tabs you probably have open.  If you're anything like me, you would probably have about 12 tabs open to accomplish just those tasks.  That is so much clutter, it's like the digital version of hording.  Sometimes that clutter can absolutely interfere with productivity depending on the type of person you are.

There is a very simple browser extension (for Chrome) that allows you to condense all of your tabs into one tab, and on that one tab you will get a list of everything that got condensed.  Of course, you can reinstate all the tabs so nothing is permanent, but sometimes, when you need to focus, OneTab is the perfect utility to alleviate some browser anxiety.


  1. Nice post, In one tab extension to declutter browser work space easily.

    1. Thank you for reading the blog. Have a good day!