Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Student Tech Buzz 4/21-4/25

Student Tech Buzz 4/21-4/25

Organize your "Course List" module by term! 

That's right, now you can take organizing your "Courses" sub tab to the next level by organizing all of your courses by term.

How you organize your courses by term is extremely easy.  Read this short IC Tech Blog post to get exact click-by-click instructions!
Still Accessible in Bb
As all SU Bb users know, our Bb environment was recently modified to streamline the academic experience. As a result of the streamlining process, plenty of content was moved, and/or relocated to the portal on the login page.

One such move was WebAdvisor, a high traffic service for SU students, staff, and faculty.

To reach WebAdvisor, you can use the  SU Bb portal on the login page, SU's homepage, or you can click the "WebAdvisor" link within the "Quick Links" module on your "Courses" sub tab (where you land once you log into Bb).
Keep Current with SU Bb System News!
Want to know about the most recent upgrades, announcements, and information that SU Bb has to offer?

Check's system news page regularly to be well informed about new SU Bb information.

If there is a system change, an outage, or other system information that is important to SU Bb users, this is the place to go to be in the know!

Organize Your Course List by Term

You can now organize your courses by term.  Doing this will allow you to minimize the visual clutter on your "Courses" tab.

If you would like to organize your courses by term, please follow these simple steps!

Click on the images to enlarge them

  • Once you log in, hover your mouse over the "Course List" module.  You will notice a gear appear in the top right corner of the module name

  • In the next screen, you will see a checkbox that says "Group by Term." Check this box.

  • Click submit

  • Your courses will now be organized by term
  • Tuesday, April 22, 2014

    Pixlr, A Pleasant Browser Based Image Editing Software, Worth Your Time

    Not all of you need to create and edit images for class, but many of you probably do.

     The tool that I want to share with you today is called Pixlr, and it works great if you are trying to accomplish a simple to moderately complicated edited image. Get this though, Pixlr is browser based, can save to your Google Drive account, and it's free!  Is that a hat-trick?  Yup.

    Obviously, the most popular name in image editing software is Photoshop. If I was going to compare the two in usefulness via metaphor in a single sentence, I would say that Photoshop is to aircraft carrier, as Pixlr is to Subaru Outback.  Maybe that's not the best metaphor in existence, let me try again: Photoshop is to Microsoft Office, as Pixlr is to Google Docs.  Well... Still not the greatest, but the point is that Photoshop is extremely useful, expensive, and has a ton of features that almost certainly go unused if you are just using it for basic photo editing.  Where Pixlr is packed with the features that encompass the basics of photo editing, lacking in extremely advanced features, does not have issues of installation and licensing, and it's free.

    The next time you find yourself needing image editing software for your school work, give Pixlr a shot.  You certainly will not lose any cash on a product key, and you just might find yourself a tool worth using into the future!

    Monday, April 21, 2014

    The Moose Does Not Stand Alone 4/21

    Techwinkle, the Traveling Bb Support mascot, and the UX Moose, the Bb Inc.'s Usability Team's moscot, have come together in yet another symbotic fashion that benefits both parties.

    Sure, today was a beautiful day, but isn't the only thing that made it great! Hooray! Today was one of those awesome days when representatives from Bb Inc. voyage to SU to conduct research about which directions Blackboard will head in the future.

    How does this all work? 

    It's easy! Bb Inc. gets information from SU users that they need to develop future products, and SU users get their issues resolved and stated needs met in future Bb releases and upgrades!

    Additionally, having some of the people who design Blackboard's features on hand is never a bad thing!

    It's never day for the SU Bb user when Techwinkle and the UX Moose come together!

    Devon's Technology Tips & Tricks

    Where I'll Be This Week

    Monday -
    Bowman Building

    11:00- 1:00 Room 212

    Wednesday -
    Cork Street 

    10:00 - 12:00 - Room 142

    Thursday -
    Wilkins Building 

    11:00 - 1:00 - Conference Room
    Halpin-Harrison Hall
    2:30 - 4:30 - Room 140

    Friday -
    Health Professions Building

    11:00 - 1:00 - In Front of Library
    Training Website
    Google Plus
    24/7 Support
    BB Info

    Good Morning Everyone,

    I hope that you all had a great Easter holiday!  This week I've got updates to Gmail, Bb and Google Forms! Also, as a reminder, 3SU is no longer active. If you are having trouble connecting to the new 1SU wireless, please contact the IC HelpDesk or Click HERE for instructions on how to connect.

    SU Tips and Tricks

    Reorganize your SU Courses by Term in Bb
    Faculty, this one is for you!  If you have a massively long list of courses in your academics tab, you now have the ability to organize them by term! This makes cleaning up your course list a breeze! Want to see how to make it happen? Click the link for instructions.
    Insert and Resize Images in Gmail
    Last week, Gmail announced the ability to add images from G+ AutoBackup right into Gmail. They also announced that you could resize these images within the draft of the email!  Great little tip for inserting those pictures you took over the weekend. Click the link for more information.
    Shuffle Answers in Google Forms
    If you use Google Forms for quizzes, surveys, tests, etc... you now have the ability to shuffle the order of the answers displayed.  This works for multiple choice, check boxes, choose from a list and grid type questions.  Great way to randomize your responses!  Click the link for more info.

    Thursday, April 17, 2014

    Blackboard Inc. To visit HPB and Main Campus 4/21

    Blackboard Inc will be bringing representatives, and the cousin of Techwinkle, the UX Moose, to HPB and Main campus Monday 4/21. The schedule is as follows:

    Room 280

    Main Campus
    Brandt Student Center

    As you know, if you are a SU Bb user, you are a valuable member of the Blackboard community. Our users participate and engage in some of the most advanced Blackboard usages that are currently implemented in higher education. That being said, Blackboard Inc. likes to send representatives to our campuses on occasion to help with student engagement and usability as well as conduct research that is taken back to Bb headquarters to develop and modify exiting and upcoming products to better suite the community's needs.

    Have You Made the Switch to 1SU

    What is 1SU?

    1SU is the new wireless network that will replace 3SU as our campus-wide network. 1SU features even better security and is compatible with OS X Mavericks. Everyone will need to switch from 3SU to 1SU by TOMORROW, FRIDAY APRIL 18, 2014.

    You will need to switch from 3SU to 1SU on any device that utilizes the wireless network (laptops, tablets, smart phones).  For detailed instructions on how to switch from 3SU to 1SU visit the Help Desk 1SU Site

    If you have any questions regarding the new 1SU Wireless Network, please contact the Help Desk at or 540-665-5555.

    Thank you,
    Institutional Computing