Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Blackboard Tidbits

Scroll Wheels and Blackboard

Students using the scroll wheel to move through tests may find that their answers are changed. Scroll wheels are designed to also switch radio button choices – so advise students when test taking NOT to use the scroll wheel on their mouse.

Internet Explorer

Stop using it with Blackboard.  Firefox is the preferred web browser and IE is consistently at the root of many issues.

Mobile Devices

Students are increasingly using their mobile devices to access Blackboard. There is 
a Blackboard App, called Mobile Learn that can be downloaded from any app store. Blackboard (Bb) also seems to run well just using the Safari web browser on iOS devices. However – some tools like journals do not seem to play well with mobile devices. 

Students can view grades using their mobile devices. Students should test their ability to use their mobile device to complete certain assignments and be prepared to get to a computer when needed. Student can test this by going to the Bb student orientation course under the Help & Support button in all courses. 

Faculty currently cannot enter grades using the Bb Mobile Learn app. But soon faculty will be able to use the mobile grader app. It is currently in development at Blackboard Inc. 

Use PDF Files:

Unless there is a reason to post a MSWord or PowerPoint document (such as students 
need to fill in items on it), please consider posting PDF files. These files will open on any computer and will open on mobile devices. 

Native formats (.docx; .pptx, etc) will not readily open and often require the 
program in order to be opened. This is an unnecessary annoyance when all you wanted was for students to read and/or print the document.

In most programs, you can use File>>Save As to change the format to PDF. Be sure to keep the original file for your own use.

Thanks goes out to Dr. Karen Kellison for providing and sharing this Bb information. 

If you have an additional questions about Blackboard at Shenandoah University, please contact the Help Desk at 540-665-5555, submit a Help Ticket at or physically stop by the Help Desk. 

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