Thursday, September 12, 2013

Editing Your Notification Settings in Blackboard

The first few weeks of classes at SU have vanished so quickly the History channel is considering making a miniseries.  All the easy stuff is over, and now the real work is beginning to pile up.  Some of you take a tremendous course load, and with that comes Blackboard notifications out the wazoo.  Though Blackboard never fails to notify, sometimes people feel as though they get too many notifications.

The best part is, when it comes to notifications, you get to choose your level of involvement. Let's talk about how you can customize your notification settings:

  • From "My Bb" click in the top right corner on your name
  • A dropdown menu will appear, click "Settings"
  • a sub-dropdown menu will appear, click "Personal Information" click "Edit Personal Information"
  • Enter all relevant information including your mobile phone number (if you want to receive notifications via SMS). Make sure to click "Submit" when you are finished
  • Go back to the third bullet location where you found "Personal Information." This time click "Edit Notification Settings."

From here you can fully customize your notification settings (including setting your phone up to receive SMS notifications and/or removing what notifications you think you'll be able to live without).  There are certainly a lot of notification settings here, and it might require a little bit of time to perfect your notification scheme.  Once your Blackboard notifications are customized to your liking, you will be able to receive only notifications you really want without any of the fluff.