Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Student Tech Buzz 5/5-5/9

Student Tech Buzz 5/5-5/9

Bb Exam Taking Best Practice
When you arrive at your exam taking location, turn your wireless card off and then on again.  This will ensure that you are connected to the closest wireless access point, which means you will not skip access points during your test which can cause unneeded frustration during examinations.

Additionally, if you have not been on campus in awhile, you may need to get on 1SU before taking your exam. 
6 Bb Content Editor Pro-Tips
  1. By Default Blackboard's Content Editor double spaces when you make a hard return.  To single space hold Shift+Enter.
  2. Click the double chevron on the right side of the Content Editor to reveal a lot of additional formatting/input options.
  3. Just to the left of the double chevron is a "Full Screen" button.  When editing large bodies of text, give yourself more visual space by going full screen!
  4. Before you move from one place to another with your laptop, or leave for an extended period of time, click the "Save Entry as a Draft" button so you do not lose your work!
  5. Use the "Remove Formatting" button (looks like an eraser) to remove unwanted formatting.
  6. Use the Mashup feature to pull external media (such as YouTube) directly into your submission.
Know Your Resources, Getting Help With Bb
At SU, there are a lot of resources available to students if they need help with Bb, but having resources available to you, and knowing they are there are two entirely different things. Here is a list of some of the best resources for you to find the help you need with Bb:
  • Visit Traveling Bb Support! That's right, Tristan and Techwinkle are out and about SU every day looking to help people with Bb.
  • Check out our SU Bb Support page.  Here you can find detailed System News, and student specific Blackboard information including video tutorials about how to use Bb.
  • Read the IC Tech Blog daily for relevant and interesting tech information.
  • Follow @Techwinkle on twitter.  Yup, the SU Traveling Bb Support mascot has its own twitter.  Quality SU Bb information in 140 characters or less!

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