Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Don't Forget "My Bb"

"Please put your seats upright and your tray tables in the locked position." You're now landing on the "Courses" page the moment you log into Blackboard.  The "Courses" page is your quick nexus right into all of your courses and organizations.

Before the switch to landing on the "Courses" page, the previous landing page was the "My Bb" tab. Though it now occupies the second tab position, the "My Bb" tab, is still important to your day to day Bb related affairs!  

This is where you want to go to check your grades, posts, Bb calendar, updates, and social tools (spaces, messages, people, and profile) for all of your courses, not just individual courses. 

Have you forgotten what all is contained within the "My Bb" page? Check out the blog from October 11, 2013 that explains this page more in-depth.

If you're needing more information about the activity within your courses, chances are, you can find the information you are seeking directly on the "My Bb" tab!

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