Thursday, May 8, 2014

Keep Organized With Google Keep

By now, most people who digitally organize their important information have heard of Evernote (the amazing information storage program that syncs on all of your devices).  Evernote does its job extremely well.  In fact, I would say, nothing beats Evernote for storing web-clippings, complex notes with attachments,
and storing information for recalling at a later time.

What Evernote, arguably, lacks is exactly what Google Keep does particularly well, and that is quick short notes and tasks lists.  If you're just needing to write down something quick so that you remember it a little later in the day, or need to make a quick task list just prior to getting together with a group to complete an assignment, I suggest giving Google Keep a try.

Keep's User-Interface is an absolute no-brainer. Meaning, that you can spend more time writing and organizing your tasks, instead of spending time figuring out how to us the software.  The notes and tasks lists that you generate can be organized by color so that you, visually, can differentiate between notes that mean different things (I personally have all of my work related notes set to red, and my personal notes labelled blue).  Keep in mind, this great little app is free!