Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Student Tech Buzz 5/26-5/30

Student Tech Buzz 5/26-5/30

Don't lose your work!
Save Drafts in Bb

If you are using the Bb Content Editor (Where you edit text within Bb) to post information or submit work to your professor, you will have the ability to "Save Draft." Using this feature is an excellent way to avoid losing work.

The "Save Draft" button is located next to the submit button so it should be difficult to miss.  Once your draft is saved, just click the "View Drafts" button to recall your draft (Discussion Boards thread replies are slightly different, you just click back into the drafted comment and get back to work)!
 Three Ways to Easily Organize
Your "Courses" Sub-tab

Want to organize the experience of the "Courses" sub-tab?  You can! Here are some easy to follow tips that will have you organizing "Courses" in no time.
  • Collapse rarely used modules to free up some visual space. All of the modules on the "Courses" sub-tab are important, but not everybody needs to use them every day.  Right next to a module's name, there is an arrow, click that arrow and your module will minimize. Click it again, and your module will return to it's original state. Yes, if you collapse a module, it will stay like that even if you log in and out.
  • Rearrange Modules to your liking.  If you hover your mouse over the name of a module and you see a plus sign with arrows on all ends that means that you can left click (and hold) on the module and then drag it to a different location. Keep in mind, some of the module's are locked, so that you cannot move them.
  • Organize your "Course List" by term. If you hover your mouse over the "Course List" module you will see a settings icon appear (it looks like a gear), click that icon.  On the next screen, click "Group by Term" and click submit.  Now all of your courses will be grouped by the term they are associated with so that all of your Summer courses are separate from your fall courses.
A Few Tips For Getting Started With Blackboard Collaborate
If you are in a class that is going to be using Collaborate, show up to the session 100% prepared by utilizing the following resources:

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