Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Save as Draft. Don't Become a Statistic

If you have ever written a journal entry, only to close your browser or leave Bb before submitting your work, and then come to the realization minutes later that you have lost your work, this blog post is for you.

Losing your work can be, at best, obnoxious, and, at worst, mildly infuriating. I get it.  Let's make sure that never happens again.

The save draft option is not always present, so you need to know where and when you can utilize it.

Anytime you are making superficial text commentary in Bb, there will NOT be a save draft option. Remember the last time you turned in a SafeAssign assignment and there was a field called "Comments?" There will NOT be a safe draft option for things like that.

However, anytime you are using the Bb Content Editor (where you enter text in Bb) to share your work with others, or submit an assignment to a professor, you WILL have the option to save drafts. 

The key tools that allow you to save drafts are:
  • Assignments
  • Journal Entries
  • Discussion Board Threads
  • Wiki Posts
Once you hit the "Save Draft" button, you will be able to recall that information by clicking the "View Drafts" button near the top right corner of your page (Discussion Boards are slightly different, you just need to go back in and edit the thread and then click "Submit").

The Save Draft tool is a quick and simple process that just might save you from losing a lot of time!

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