Friday, May 30, 2014

Bb LEARN cloud & Social Profile Updated

Release Highlights

The Enhanced Cloud Profile for Blackboard Learn provides students with their first professional profiles. The added features help users demonstrate competencies they have developed through their educational journeys in a visual and uniquely compelling way. Leveraging the MyEdu profile experience, the Enhanced Cloud Profile will allow students to showcase the following:
  • Work Experiences
  • Projects
  • Membership in Organizations
  • Competencies
Students access the new Enhanced Cloud Profile by navigating to their profile in Blackboard Learn. A wizard walks them through the setup process. All previous information students have entered is retained and used in their new Enhanced Cloud Profiles.
  • Instructors and administrators can choose to not connect their profiles to MyEdu.
  • Profiles now have a cover page that includes tiles that highlight knowledge and competencies.
  • Competencies level up as they are associated to work experience and projects. This shows how advanced a student is at the competency.
  • New profile cards include the top eight tiles.
  • There are more privacy setting options that include employers and web searches.
The Cloud Profile End-User Feature Guide provides an overview of each of the new end-user profile features. Click here to access the guide.

To learn more about students using profiles, see Profiles.

If you need assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 540-665-5555 or via email at or submit a Help Ticket 

Note: Arabic is not yet a supported language in the Enhanced Cloud Profile.

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