Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Student & Faculty Tracks Announced for BbWorld 2014

Blackboard Inc. host an international annual user conference ( known as #BbWorld) and this year it is in Las Vegas, July 15 - 17. The conference not only consist innovations that Blackboard (Bb) users are doing, but educational technology, and hot technology topics. Click here to learn more about the conference.  Normally the conference is attended by instructional designers, support technologist, system administrators, designers, CIOs, and a few faculty and students.

This year Blackboard like to see more faculty and students attend the conference and share the amazing work that is being done.This year Bb has create a Student Track without a registration fee. Tell the world the great things you did in your classes at SU and spend a few days of your Summer in Las Vegas.

Bb has also created a Facutly Track that will focus solely on topics that will help faculty and are offering this track at a steep discount, compared to the normal registration fee. Will help Bb reach their goal of 140+ faculty members in attendance and help promote the SU name?

Watch the conference site here, follow @Blackboard on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to learn more about these two new tracks. They even have a contest going to win a free hotel room.

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