Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Student Tech Buzz 3/17-3/21

Student Tech Buzz 3/17-3/21

SU's Bb Login Page Changes to Allow Easy Access to Needed Resources!
If you have logged into Bb recently, you most likely noticed a change to the login page. Now, you can access some of the most valuable SU related resources without having to log into Bb at all!  This means you can spend more time accomplishing your tasks and less time navigating!
"Academics" Tab is now the Landing page for SU Bb!

Like the changes to the login page? Great! You are not done yet, we have another exciting change for you once you log into Bb!
Now instead of landing on the "My Bb" tab upon login, you go straight to "Academics." This change allows you to access your courses without delay. That's right, SU's Bb environment just got that much more efficient.
 Keep in mind, the valuable information that can be found on the "My Bb" tab is still available to you, it just moved to the next tab over.
Now is the time to change your notification settings! 
Have you ever wanted to receive an email for an organization's announcements, but then wanted to receive an SMS notifications about a particular course?  That is something that can be done easily in Bb!

Choose how you want to be informed about your courses and organizations!

Edit your notification settings by following these directions today: 
  • Once in Bb, click in the top right corner on your name (your avatar image will be right next to your name)
  • A dropdown menu will appear, click "Settings"
  • a sub-dropdown menu will appear, click "Personal Information" click "Edit Personal Information"
  • Enter all relevant information including your mobile phone number (if you want to receive notifications via SMS). Make sure to click "Submit" when you are finished
  • Go back to where you found "Personal Information." This time click "Edit Notification Settings."
  • From the "Edit Notification Settings" page you can edit your general notification settings, bulk settings, and individual course/organization settings, allowing you to customize how you receive Bb information.
Sure, setting up your perfect notification schema might take a moment, but once completed, you will be informed with the information you want however you want to receive it!

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