Thursday, March 20, 2014

Take advantage of resources within Bb!

Like most incredibly responsible students, I assume many of you have already finished up some much needed spring cleaning. This can only mean a few things, first, and probably most importantly, winter is finally over (cross your fingers just in case I jinxed us), and secondly, you are probably starting to think about picking up some job experience over the summer. 

As some of you may have noticed, there is an excellent module from right on the landing page of the "Academics" tab once you've logged into Blackboard.  Additionally, you can go to the Internships sub tab under "Academics" to reach information from These two locations within SU's Bb allow you to access phenomenal free resources that could help you land an awesome internship.

Keep in mind that finding an internship can be stressful, but once you find a quality internship at a company that fits your professional desires and interests, your likelihood of gaining a full-time job at the same company, after college, goes up substantially!  So take some time, and us this tool!  Take advantage of the information within SU's Bb today!

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