Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SU Technology Tips & Tricks From Devon

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope that you all enjoyed the last vestiges of winter yesterday!  Today I've got news of a phishing email looking to steal your password, exciting new additions to Google Drive, a great update to a popular Chrome extension and a new way to access the SU online portal.
As always, if you have any questions, let me know! Devon

SU Tips and Tricks

Be Cautious of a Google Drive Phishing Scam 
A phishing email has been making its rounds on the web in an attempt to steal your Google username and password.  It all starts with an email that says a file has been shared with you on Google Drive.  When you click the link to go to the document, it takes you to a page to enter your username and password.  This is not Google Drive, but rather a well done fake site that will collect your username and password.  Please be careful what you open and where you enter your password.  Click the link for more information.
Google Drive updated last week to include a whole new section of applications that you can add to your Google Sheets and Google Documents. Things like track changes, label and mail merges and more! Want the full rundown? Click the link!
This update to one of my favorite Chrome Extensions is pretty awesome!  You have always been able to take a screenshot, mark it up and then share it out via Google Drive. Now, you can also do a screen recording & share immediately via Google Drive OR upload to YouTube!  This is a great tool! Want to know more?  Click the link!

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