Thursday, March 27, 2014

Receive SMS Notifications and Voicemail Notifications From Your Bb Courses

Let me fill you in on one of the most valuable tools that is available within Blackboard that can positively impact your learning experience:

You can, once you enable them in your notification settings, receive text messages, voice-mails, mobile learn notifications, and/or emails with important updates including (but not limited to) when new content items become available, when items are graded, when new announcement become available, and when new test become available.

Imagine getting a SMS each time your professor has made an assignment available, and how informed you would feel. That's what is being offered here.  It's not complicated, just simple noninvasive information that can help you stay on top of your education.

A sample SMS showing that a new Assignment has been added to a course

This is what Blackboard is capable of, but you have to take the initiative and setup your notification settings to reflect how you would like to receive these notifications. This is your shot to be informed, and to choose exactly the way you would like to receive information.  You do not need to log into Blackboard and check your course to find out that an assignment is due, or that a new assignment has been created.

Take control of your education, and take control of how you receive information! Edit your notification settings today to fully customize your notification experience, and you will never have to be that student who failed to receive grade altering information!

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