Friday, March 28, 2014 An Online Brainstorming Tool Worth Trying

We all know that there are as many different kinds of learners as there are elements that combine into making Captain Planet... Ok, maybe there are a few more, but, sometimes, as a blogger, you just get the urge to reference 90's cartoons.

Some people write best by browsing their notes, mentally organizing their thoughts and getting straight to work, others need to create elaborate outlines in order to proceed.  Then there are those visual types who like to create "mind maps" that display all of their brainstorming for reference.

If you are one of those visual types that I mentioned, you may want to check out a classy website called  Once you get an account, you can limitlessly create and connect information in well organized, logical, and visually pleasing ways.  Once your information is created, you can easily export your brainstorming for future use so that you no longer need to visit the website to reference your material.

Though this website is simple in design and use, the depths to which you can brainstorm are incredible. Use this tool to help yourself stay focused through a nice logical progression for your ideas, and most of all, enjoy its ease of use so that you can spend more time writing, and less time time organizing!

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