Monday, November 4, 2013

Devon's Weekly Tips & Tricks!

This weekly post is brought to you by Devon Taylor, Institutional Computing's Training Coordinator.  Some changes to Google I mentioned were coming a few weeks ago have finally arrived and I've got the scoop for you to find what you need!  Also this week, Blackboard is coming to the NVC on Thursday and Google Hangouts on Air now provides an amazing way to host a live streaming Q&A session online!

  Google Bar Change
As I am sure you have noticed, the black bar across the top of all Google properties has disappeared.  If you are wondering where all your favorite links are now located,  this is the spot to find out!  Click the link to see the Google Blog post about the new navigation bar.

  Blackboard Rep @ NVC
Get your Blackboard related questions answered and learn something new while your at it! Blackboard will be coming to NVC on 11/7 (Thursday!) to give a presentation @ 9am followed by plenty of time for Q&A and support! Mark your calendars today!

Hangouts Q&A Feature
This is a really useful feature of Hangouts on Air.  If you ever wanted to live stream an event or host a Q&A session online, this is the way to go!  Check out this pdf from Google Media that demonstrates the Q&A feature of Google+ Hangouts on Air.

You can talK about these things and more with Devon in his office in the basement of Smith Library (IC Department) or at one of his traveling support stops listed below. 
Monday - Bowman Building - 11 - 1 - Room 212
Wednesday - Cork Street - 11 - 1 - Room M 155
Thursday - Wilkins Building - 11 - 1 - Conference Room
Thursday - Halpin-Harrison Hall - 2:30 - 4:30 - Room 140

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