Monday, November 4, 2013

Blackboard Test Access Log

Test Access Log

A source of frustration for students, instructors, and test proctors is the inability to confirm whether students began a test or ran into problems during a test.

Teachers, Teaching Assistance, and Test Proctors have no way to verify student activity or lack of activity during a test. Students have no way to prove that they did begin a test and when. If students reported problems occurring during a test, they were either given the benefit of the doubt and the test was reset, or they were penalized for circumstances beyond their control.

One tool that Blackboard (Bb) provides to address this issue is the Access Log. It provides a detailed information on student test attempt interactions. Instructors and other users who are granted permission, can view the Access Log for a test from the Attempts page of the test.Note, you may first need to expand the "Test Information" area within Bb Learn.

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The access log shows a detailed list of every interaction that students engage in when taking a test. If a student claims to have started a test, the log will show the time the test was started. If a network or internet disruption occurred during the test for example, the log would show an unusual gap in the time.

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Faculty you can see what really happens during a Bb test with the Access Log & there is no need to contact the Bb Support Team. Students, make note and be honest with your faculty when reporting testing issues. 

As always, if you have a Bb issue please submit an online Help Ticket at

Using the online Help Ticket system is your fast way to get the assistance you need. If you email Bb Support members directly & they are out of the office, you will not get the support you need until they return. With the Help Ticket system if any of the Bb Team is out of the office, another team member can help you.

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