Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blackboard Spaces

Blackboard Spaces is one more fantastic feature that is offered by Blackboard.  To get to the Spaces page, navigate from the "My Bb" page, down the left side to the Spaces Link

Spaces will provide all SU users with a place to gather, post, and organize themselves to plan meetings, events, study-groups, clubs, and special-interest groups in a user friendly and safe environment.

If you have a reason to meet with multiple SU students, staff or faculty, then you should create an online environment where everybody can be organized in a system that all SU user already user.  

Once your Spaces is created, make sure to set the privacy level of your Spaces by setting your Space's visibility (Public, Protected, Private), and then invite the users that are going to participate.

For additional information on Spaces please visit the following link from Help.Blackboard.Com

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