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Student Tech Buzz 9/9-9/13

Student Tech Buzz 9/9-9/13

Help Us Help You!

One of the most common occurrences in the IT field is that people who ask you for help, do not provide enough information for you to solve the problem.
When it comes to getting computer help, rarely is there too much information that you can provide.
Here's a few things that you should make sure to include in your next visit to the Help Desk or workorder submission:
  • What OS you are running
  • What browser you are working with
  • what version your browser is running
  • date and time of issue
  • course id or course name w/instructor name
  • assignment name 
  • contact phone number
If we do not have this information, we will most likely immediately answer your workorder by requesting this information from you because this information is often times critical to understanding the nature of the problem. 
Atomic Learning

Want to look and feel like somebody who knows everything?  Okay, Faust, I have some great information for you. 

Shenandoah University students have access to thousands of online tutorials that teach you all about any kind of software that you might encounter.  From Photoshop to Garageband and anything in between, Atomic Learning is going to have valuable information coming by way of short video tutorials.

Atomic Learning has all the information you could possibly need to complete whatever software related task you can think of. There are a few ways to get to Atomic Learning through Blackboard:
  1. Go to the Academics tab and look under "Bb Tools" there will be a link that says "Atomic Learning."  
  2. Go to the "Tech Support" tab, and directly under the main tab will be a sub tab that says "Atomic learning."
  3. Go to the "24/7 Trainer" tab and click the image on the left side of the screen that says, "Technology Training Tutorials." This way to access Atomic Learning will not have you automatically logged in, so you will have to input your information.
Firefox 22 and 23 Bug

The newest versions of Firefox have a tiny issue when it comes to displaying some of the sub-tabs in Blackboard (such as the 24/7 trainer, and library tabs), but no need to worry! We have a simple fix that takes seconds to complete

When you see a tab that doesn't seem to have any information on it, it's because Firefox is actually blocking it. 

Once you arrive at a tab that is blocked, you will see a shield in the left side of the URL bar. You will want to click the "Keep Blocking" drop down chevron and click, "Disable Protection on This Page." 

Once you have done this, the tab will show up as normal. 

Below is an image that shows exactly what you should see!

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