Monday, August 26, 2013

Tech Tips From Devon

I've got some great tips this week to get you off on the right foot this semester! 

Read on for info on 10 PPT alternatives, the My Bb tab and a great Google Keep update!

Where I'll Be This Week
Monday - Bowman Building - 11 - 1 - Room 212
Wednesday - Cork Street - 11 - 1 - Room 142
Thursday - Wilkins Building - 11 - 1 - Conference Room
Thursday - HHH - 2:30-4:30 -  Room 140

Friday - HPB - 11 - 1 - In Front of the Library

Always Online @

PowerPoint has long been the staple, go-to software for presentations.  This landscape is changing daily with the introduction of new and feature rich alternatives that can make your presentations a memorable experience for those involved.  I've prepared a list of PPT alternatives that you might want to try out if you are looking to impress your coworkers or students with your tech savviness!  I encourage you to try them all!
Google Keep Adds Location and Time Reminders!
Google Keep, the note taking, list making reminder app extraordinaire now has the ability to remind you based on time or location.  Put your grocery list in Keep, add a location reminder for your favorite grocery store, and Voil√†, your list appears when you are at the store!  Need a reminder of talking points before a big meeting?  Simply put them in Google Keep, set a time reminder for right before you meeting and then wow them with your skills!  Check out the link for more information on this handy tool!

Best wishes to you all during our first week of classes!  Don't hesitate to contact IC if you need any technology related support! 

Post Information Provided By Devon Taylor, IC's Technology Training Coordinator

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