Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Recording from Webcam inside Blackboard!

One of my favorite features about Blackboard is that you can easily and efficiently record videos with your webcam and have them automatically upload to YouTube.  In fact, anywhere you can edit text you can actually just embed a recording of you speaking from a YouTube video in the text's place. 

I would highly recommend that before you try to submit a video response, you ask your professor if that is an acceptable practice for his/her course.    

How to record from webcam via Blackboard:
  • Find any spot in Blackboard for inputting text. On the right side of the text editor will be a double chevron.  
  • Click the double chevron.  In the bottom left of the new text editing view, there will be a small red target.
  • Once you press this button, you will be able to record from webcam
Don't forget to setup YouTube to work with your SU email!

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