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Good Morning Everyone,

I hope that everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed graduation!  This week I've got a great new iPad app for video creation, image editing in Google Docs and a great safety feature for your Google Drive App on iOS.  As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!
Have a great week!

SU Tips and Tricks

Adobe Voice - Create Rich Videos on Your iPad
Adobe released their new app Voice last week, and it is amazing!  This iPad only app allows you to create absolutely stunning videos on your ipad with ease.  With built in image and icon searches, soundtracks and multiple themes, you can create a great video in no time!
Check out the link to see for yourself!
You Can Now Edit Images within Google Docs
Another update rolled out last week that allows for image editing right from within Google Docs.  Now you can crop, mask, rotate, and add borders to images without leaving your Google Doc or Slide. Just select an image and edit from the toolbar, format menu, or context menu. Check out the link for more information.
Passcode on Google Drive for iPhone & iPad
Worried about security when it comes to the files in your Google Drive on your mobile device?  You now have the ability to put a passcode on Google Drive to keep prying eyes from accessing your files.  This can come in handy should you ever lose your iPad or if you happen to let your kids play with it too!  Click the link for more information on how to set this up on your mobile device!
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