Monday, May 12, 2014

Adobe Voice: Simple Stunning Videos

The new app from Adobe, Voice, provides a simple way for you to create and share videos.  The resulting videos take the form of slides with voice-overs and background music. With minimal amounts of effort, you can create incredibly attractive videos that convey a ton of information.

Ease of use

With Voice, you create one slide at a time, and record a voice-over for that specific slide before moving on to the next.  This allows you, the creator, to record voice-overs in segments as opposed to all at once. That means you can create perfect voice overs quickly because you will not have to rerecord a lengthy segment if you misspeak

Adobe Voice offers lots of different slide themes and background music options, which allows you to completely customize your presentation.  With so many options available, no two videos will be alike.

For an example of what you can make in Adobe Voice, check out this quick SU Bb video I made using Adobe Voice: