Friday, May 16, 2014

School of Business Gets Their Own Bb Look and Feel!

After a lot of thought and planning, the Harry F. Byrd School of Business now has their own look and feel for business majors and faculty within Blackboard. Keep in mind,
only business majors and business faculty will see this, so if you just have a business class, or you are a business minor, you will still see the same Blackboard environment as everybody else.

That's awesome, but what is it?

In Blackboard terms, this is called a hierarchical node. In everyday terms, this is called, "The School of Business gets to control their Blackboard experience."  What this means is that if the school of business thinks a tab name should be changed, or a tool should be turned off, they have the power within their own school to change it (as well as many other things), and it only affects their students and faculty. In short, the School of Business can totally customize their online learning environment to fit the needs of their students and faculty.  

Not only does the business school get their own Blackboard environment, but Theresa Golding has stepped up in a major way to become the School of Business's Blackboard node admin.  That means that, in-house, the School of Business students and faculty can go to Theresa and she can assist them.  Who better to help the School of Business, than somebody who knows the School of Business best!

The image below is an INSTRUCTOR view of what the SU School of Business node will look like.  If you are student, you will not see the "Faculty" and "Employee" tabs, instead you will just see a Student tab.  Take a look though, it's a cool preview!

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