Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Student Tech Buzz 4/21-4/25

Student Tech Buzz 4/21-4/25

Organize your "Course List" module by term! 

That's right, now you can take organizing your "Courses" sub tab to the next level by organizing all of your courses by term.

How you organize your courses by term is extremely easy.  Read this short IC Tech Blog post to get exact click-by-click instructions!
Still Accessible in Bb
As all SU Bb users know, our Bb environment was recently modified to streamline the academic experience. As a result of the streamlining process, plenty of content was moved, and/or relocated to the portal on the login page.

One such move was WebAdvisor, a high traffic service for SU students, staff, and faculty.

To reach WebAdvisor, you can use the  SU Bb portal on the login page, SU's homepage, or you can click the "WebAdvisor" link within the "Quick Links" module on your "Courses" sub tab (where you land once you log into Bb).
Keep Current with SU Bb System News!
Want to know about the most recent upgrades, announcements, and information that SU Bb has to offer?

Check's system news page regularly to be well informed about new SU Bb information.

If there is a system change, an outage, or other system information that is important to SU Bb users, this is the place to go to be in the know!