Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easily Setup SMS Messaging in Bb!

Did you know that Blackboard can send you an SMS message notifying you about important information?  Here's a short list of some of the most useful notifications you can receive via SMS:
  • New Item Graded
  • New Item Available
  • New Assignment Available
  • Announcement Available 
  • Assignment Due
  • Assignment Past Due 
And many more!

"What's the easy way to have Bb send me SMS messages?"

Here's the click by click to get you up and running:

1: Log into Bb

2:  Go to the Bb Tools module on the "Courses" page (this is where you land once you log into Bb).

3: Click "SMS Messages."

4: Enter your phone number and click save

4 & 5
5: Click the Course Notification icon on the bottom left corner of the screen

6: In the next screen, select which courses (or select "All") you would like to receive SMS notifications for.  Then, Go down the list, and select which notifications you would like to receive on your cell phone.  Make sure you are checking the boxes in the SMS column. 

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