Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Clean your Bb "Courses" Page!

SU's Bb just experienced a little bit of spring cleaning, but there is still a lot of information right when you land on the "Courses" page. That's because that information is important! However, not all of the information is going to be necessary for you to read every time you want to check out your courses.  I mean, do you need to see the Financial Aid module all the time?  Probably not.

The easiest way for you to further declutter your "Courses" page is simply to collapse the modules that you do not currently need. By collapsing your page you will notice that there is a soothing minimalist vibe to your courses page (the vibe will be akin to drinking a nice cup of tea outside on a brisk morning).

Additionally, you can reorganize your modules by clicking on the bar that contains the module's name and dragging it to your desired location!

Check out the screenshots posted below to see what I'm talking about:


To collapse the modules that are present on the page, click on the arrow right before the module's title!

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