Monday, March 24, 2014

SU Tech Tips and Tricks

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Bowman Building 11 - 1

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Wilkins Building 11 - 1
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HPB 11 - 1

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Good Morning!

This week I've got some tips that will hopefully make your week a little bit better! If you have any questions or would like to know more, let me know!
Here is a list of this weeks topics.
1. Student password change deadline approaches.
2. Overview of Google Drive Track Changes.
3. PushBullet now on IOS.
If students are still using their SU ID number as their SUnet password for Bb, WebAdvisor, wireless, etc... they only have till April 1st to change it, or on April 2 they will be required to change it in order to gain access to the aforementioned services.  If you talk to students, please tell them to go change it ASAP! This will help prevent classroom & service disruption for everyone!
A feature that many use in MS Word has now made its way to Google Drive. Track changes provides you an easy way to see who has made changes and what they have changed. You can approve and deny these changes quite simply too!  Want to know more.... Click the link!
PushBullet Now on IOS
PushBullet, an IOS and Android app, allows you to see your phone notifications on your computer.  You can also send links, to-do lists and more back and forth between the two! Very handy extension/app to have. Check out the link for more information!
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