Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Student Tech Buzz 2/3-2/7

Student Tech Buzz 2/3-2/7
Are you getting the most out of Google Drive?

As many of you know, Google Drive is one of the more useful tools available to students on the web.  With Drive you can create and share a variety of documents, save and store files, and work collaboratively with groups.

What you may not know is the depths to which you can use Google Drive.  Check's awesome post about 100 ways to use Google Drive better to find out more information!

Is the weather interfering with group projects and assignments?

This weather has been crazy! I have a sneaking suspicion that, though SU might have been delayed or cancelled for a few days, your assignments and group projects are still due at their normal times.

One of the best ways to bypass Old Man Winter's shenanigans is to use technology to collaborate with professors and group members from the safety and comfort of your house, apartment, or dorm.

Make sure to utilize the following collaborative tools that are available and easily accessible to SU student users:
  • Google Hangouts (Hangouts is quick, user-friendly, and free making it one of the best go-to options for your group collaboration needs)
  • Blackboard Collaborate (Your professors would have to set you and your group with a session, but this is an awesome way to record a collaborative group session)
  • Google Drive (Create and share documents with groups and professors, remember multiple people can edit these documents at once making this perfect for group collaboration)
Students, do you have a professor who has an exemplary  Blackboard course?

Annually, Blackboard recognizes some of the best courses created within Bb. Do you think your professors course has what it takes?

The selected courses have to follow the Exemplary Course Rubric.

If your professor wins, she/he will be recognized among her/his peers and Blackboard community as one of the few who maximize the quality of their Blackboard online course experience!

Don't hesitate to remind them to Submit their course for the Exemplary Course Program as the 2014 deadline is February 17.

The Faculty member themselves have to submit their course for the Exemplary Course Award, you as a student cannot do this for them

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