Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Student Tech Buzz 2/17-2/21

Student Tech Buzz 2/17-2/21

Enable Third Party Cookies to Allow SafeAssign to Submit Properly
Make sure you enable third party cookies in order to successfully complete SafeAssign assignments.  This takes just seconds to do, and can save you a ton of headache!

A few weeks ago, IC's Melissa Stange wrote a great entry to IC's tech blog about enabling third party cookies.  Here you can find step-by-step directions for whatever browser you may be using.
Make Sure to Edit Your Notification Settings to Receive Bb Updates Via Email and/or SMS
A few students have recently mentioned that they would love to receive some sort of notifications involving their Blackboard experience via email.

Let me one-up you, real quick.  Not only can you receive various notifications via email, but you can also receive them via SMS. BOOM! Yeah, that just happened!

In order to change your notification settings, please follow these steps:
  • From "My Bb" click in the top right corner on your name
  • A dropdown menu will appear, click "Settings"
  • a sub-dropdown menu will appear, click "Personal Information" click "Edit Personal Information"
  • Enter all relevant information including your mobile phone number (if you want to receive notifications via SMS). Make sure to click "Submit" when you are finished
  • Go back to the third bullet location where you found "Personal Information." This time click "Edit Notification Settings."
From the "Edit Notification Settings" page you can edit exactly which notifications you want to receive and how you would like to receive them. 
Techwinkle is Rocking the Survey, Girl Scout Style.
For the last week, Techwinkle has been providing Traveling Bb Support as usual, but with a twist.  If SU Bb users filled out a simple survey about ways in which they feel their Blackboard experience could be improved, Techwinkle gave them an entire box of Girl Scout cookies.

Though this survey was short, the responses that we received were anything but! With the information we gathered from this survey, we now know a lot of the issues that users face, and with that knowledge we know where to focus our efforts to make sure SU Bb is being used as effectively as possible!

Keep in mind, the survey is still available, and we would love to have additional submissions (though your submissions will not be rewarded with cookies, as supplies have been depleted).

With Techwinkle, market research has never tasted so delicious! 


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