Tuesday, February 18, 2014

SafeAssign not Sending? Enable Third Party Cookies in your Browser.

If I had a dollar for every student who has recently had an issue with a SafeAssign assignment not submitting properly, I would literally have a few dollars. That would be enough for me to convert those dollars into quarters and then take my salt covered car to the wash.  Like everybody else, I don't want my undercarriage to corrode!

The answer: Enable third party cookies in your browser's settings. Not long ago, the IC Department's Melissa Stange wrote a great blog about how to enable third party cookies. Make sure to check this out because this is important! If you don't do it, you could find yourself in more frustration that this 30 second process would have you believe.

Additionally, if you hear of your fellow students having issues, make sure to share the above link with them.

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