Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Student Tech Buzz 1/20-1/24

Techwinkle, your SU Traveling Bb Support Moose!
This cute little moose finally has a name worthy of the support it provides around campus!  After running the contest for over a month, Techwinkle is ready to rock SU with some of the most accessible Bb support that SU provides! Don't forget to follow Techwinkle on twitter (@techwinkle) for up-to-date information about Traveling Bb Support here at SU.

Now that Techwinkle has a name, it mentioned a new goal, "Let's all learn to Blackboard better!"

Thank you to all of the 150+ Bb users who participated in this contest from start to finish!

Make sure to stop by and visit Techwinkle and his companion, Tristan Plummer, at Traveling Bb Support:
Bb Traveling Schedule:
  • Mondays: Ruebush 11-12p
  • Tuesday: Shingleton 10-11a, Brandt 12-2p, Gregory 2:30-3:30p
  • Wednesday: Cork 11-1p, HPB 1:30-5p
  • Thursday: NVC 9-12p 1st & 3rd Weeks, Shingleton 2-3p,3 HHH 3:30-4:30p
  • Friday: Bowman 12-1p, MOB II 1-3p


Something seems strange in a Bb Course?  Don't panic!

Putting together a well coordinated and organized Bb course is time consuming and requires a lot of focus. If you notice something is amiss with some of the content within your course, contact your professor.

You must speak to your professor if the issue is content related because professors are 100% in control of the content within their course.  Here are a few examples of issues that can rarely occur:
  • A link is broken
  • A menu item is taking you to an area that does not match its description
  • An assignment on the syllabus does not seem to be available when specified
Keep in mind, if you are having any Bb issues that are not content related, you should fill out a work order, or stop by and visit Traveling Bb Support (click the Traveling Support Schedule link on the left side for the schedule).
Remember to Sign Up for Emergency Alerts and Update Your Opt-Out Date!
Were you that diligent student who braved the icy blasts to show up on time just to find out that SU was closed yesterday (1/21)? Don't worry. Nobody saw you.  I think I have a worthwhile solution that will enable you to stay comfortable and safe the next time there is a delay or cancellation. Sign up for Emergency Alerts!

Keep in mind that Emergency Alerts can potentially save you from dealing with more than just bad weather.

To sign up for Emergency Alerts, just log into Blackboard, click the community tab, fill out the required fields, and hit submit!

If you have already signed up for Emergency Alerts, but are no longer receiving them, it is probably because your "Opt-Out" date has expired, log into E2Campus and update your "Opt-Out" date. Once again you should be receiving Emergency Alerts.


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