Monday, January 20, 2014

Exploring the "Community" tab in Bb!

It has come to my attention that not all SU Bb users explore Blackboard like the great Venetian explorer Marco Polo explored the Far East.  If you have a few spare moments, explore Bb! You will be surprised at how much valuable information you have access to within a few clicks.

One of the most informative areas within our SU Bb environment is the "Communities Tab."

Here's the "Community" tab breakdown (in order as they appear):

  • Emergency Alerts- Signing up for Emergency Alerts should be a no-brainer.  You can receive potentially life saving information simply by checking your text messages.  Right now is a particularly relevant time to sign up for Emergency Alerts as it looks like we might be getting yet another snow storm which could potentially cause delays or cancellations (1/20). 
  • WEPA- Wireless Printing made easy.  Most of you have probably already encountered the WEPA stations located across campus.  Follow the directions on this sub-tab to start printing your documents to a convenient WEPA location near you.  
  • Hornet Dollars- The SU currency used around campus to purchase most of the things you need here at SU are called "Hornet Dollars."  Why convert real dollars into SU Hornet Dollars?  There are many reasons, but I'll give you one that is particularly compelling for parents.  Due to the fact that Hornet Dollars are limited in what they can purchase, parents often times will find that giving their children access to Hornet Dollars is a safer route to insure that their money is being spent on something related to school.  I mean... Not like any of you would consider spending money on something else, right?
  •  Dining Services- Information about Dining Plans, Locations & Menus, Dining News, Catering Services, Events & Promotions, and a lot of other information related to the available food options here at Shenandoah University.  Make sure to visit this sub-tab often for up to date information about your dining experience!
  •  Internships- Looking for an internship?  That's awesome. You've come to the right place. You don't eve need to leave Blackboard!  Yes, that's right, your Bb environment might be able to assist in your future employment. The steps under the Internship are very simple.  You need to upload or build a resume, some some preferences, assess your skills, and then you're ready to search and apply for positions!  
  •  Bookstore- Want to see what is available at the SU Bookstore without braving the icy blasts that are associated with this frigid winter?  I can't blame you.  Just visit this sub-tab to see what SU Apparel, Gifts, Supplies, Technology, and of course books are available.
  •  Athletics-  The sub-tab for those trying to access information about SU athletics.  Don't forget to support your favorite sports, and as always, "Go Hornets!"
  • Spiritual Life-  Spiritual Life and our campus go together like wonder break, and everything else that make up a delicious sandwich.  In fact, I think it is probably safe to say that a majority of our SU community identifies as spiritual.  We, as a university, represent all faiths, and the spiritual life sub-tab is a great place for you to go if you are spiritually inclined.  Make use of all the information here to help you on your spiritual journey.

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