Friday, January 17, 2014

Is Work Order Anxiety keeping you from receiving help?

Work Order Anxiety is the third largest cause of panic attacks in Fredrick County (preceded by Apple Blossom and a lack of delicious sliders from the Snow White Grill).  Okay, so I just made that up, but I think that a lot of SU users see advice to fill out a work order and suddenly, images of  thick red tape, turbid bureaucracy, and endless desks of employees stamping "NOT TODAY, BUB" in giant red letters on the top of request forms, begin to conjure in their minds.

"NOOOO." Cried Shelby, as she reads an email asking her to fill out a work order.
These are misconceived notions!  In fact, work orders are completed quite fast, and are designed to slice right through red tape like a samurai masterfully cutting through a medium sized sheet of metal.

To dispel your worries. I want you to understand exactly why you should be excited to fill out work orders.  Beyond all else, I want you, the user, to be in the know about how work order support works around here!

"What happens after my work order is submitted?"

There is no council that convenes in Rivendell, Neo does not need Morpheus to risk the  Nebuchadnezzar by spending too much time at broadcast depth, and the IC department doesn't need to hear an amazing speech about saving humanity for us to know what to do!

Once you submit a work order, the head of whatever group you are trying to receive help from will distribute your ticket to the best possible person to assist you.  The correspondence you have with your tech can all be referenced and tracked so that the tech is held accountable for her/his work.  That being said, once you fill out a work order, there is no chance for your ticket to get lost in the "Mark as Read" confusion of an email inbox.  Also, keep in mind that should you send somebody an email asking for help, and then that person gets sick, nobody else will be able to help you!  With work orders, if I am assigned a ticket, and then I get sick, the ticket can be reassigned to the next person to ensure timely delivery of support!

I know that explanation seems simple, but in truth, the work order system is simple!  When you submit a work order, the biggest piece of information you need to know is that help is on the way!

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