Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blackboard Inc. Aquires MyEdu - News Alert

MyEdu has created a successful, free set of student-focused tools that are used by millions of students to find the best path to a degree and build their first “professional profile” that will connect them to job and internship opportunities.

MyEdu allows students to map out their personal education plan while simultaneously building a unique profile that showcases academic skills and course experiences. Through corporate partnerships, MyEdu shares these profiles with employers who can easily find qualified, interested students for open positions. MyEdu is used by over 50 percent of the students at the University of Texas System. 

Blackboard (Bb) Inc. has changed their focus from what faculty needs to learner needs and student success and providing relevant, user-friendly tools that help the students and communities they serve in critical areas.

In the short term, Bb will keep MyEdu free to students. In the longer term, they plan to integrate MyEdu’s products into the Bb Learn system we use at SU today to create a more holistic experience for students.
You can learn more about this Bb News Alert by clicking here. You can learn more about MyEdu by going to

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