Thursday, January 23, 2014

IMPORTANT - Campus Closure Policy - IMPORTANT

As you know, we are opening at noon today.  Always keeping safety at the forefront, we strive to make the best decision we can for the institution as a whole, but we recognize that situations will vary among individual students, faculty, and staff.  Please keep in mind that in keeping with our campus closure policy, people need to make their own decisions about whether it is safe to travel.  Our policy states this as follows:

"Shenandoah's residential population makes it imperative that the campus be closed only in the most severe circumstances.  Therefore, most of the time, the university will remain open and all classes will be held even when weather is inclement.

Student attendance when classes are not canceled
Students should make their own decisions whether to risk driving in snow, ice or other severe weather conditions.  All work in such cases can be made up as long as faculty members are promptly notified and the work is completed in a timely fashion  In cases where extensive class time is missed due to weather, make-up classes may be arranged.

Faculty canceling specific classes
In those rare instances when classes are held university-wide but a faculty member cannot get to class, that faculty member should work out a means of notifying his/her students.  Radio announcements will not be made for individual professors or programs.
Staff who cannot report to work
Staff who cannot reach campus, or those who feel they must leave before an official closing, should work with their supervisors to ensure that required work is accomplished.  This may mean making up time at a later date or taking personal leave."

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Adrienne G. Bloss, PhD
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Shenandoah University
1460 University Drive
Winchester, VA  22601

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