Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blackboard Better!

This semester, we want all SU Bb users to be on the same page with regards to Blackboard.  Sure, 100% perfect Blackboard usage does not happen over night, but you have to have goals, right?

Before throwing your arms in the air in frustration make sure you exercise your available avenues of SU specific Bb information!  First keep in mind that IC sends Technology Liaison, Tristan Plummer, out among the SU community every single day!  You can catch him at a convenient location near you, and he'll always try to help. Just look up the Traveling Bb Support Schedule.

How do you look up the Traveling Bb Support Schedule? SU has its very own Blackboard information page that contains a wealth of Blackboard for whatever information you may be seeking. That sounds like an amazing place to check! Once you visit you shouldn't have any issues finding your way.  By the way, there is a ton of information that can probably solve whatever questions you may have!

 Many of you have already created work orders, and that is fantastic!  With work orders, help is always going to be on the way.  If something with Blackboard does not seem to be working properly (keep in mind, if you have issues with the content of a course, you must speak with your professor), or you just need help, you can create a work order and as soon as time permits a tech will assist you.
Work orders can be accessed a few different ways, but probably the most convenient way is to go to the "Tech Support" tab in Blackboard and click the "Web Help Desk" button on the Help Desk sub tab.

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