Thursday, December 12, 2013

This Moose is ready for his/her name! Make sure to vote

The Traveling Bb Support moose is excited to enter into the final stages of receiving a name.  

From the moose of the Canadian wilderness, to the stuffed variety that travels around SU providing the best Bb support that the IC Bb Team can provide, all moose have one thing in common, they search far and wide for a fitting name.

Please visit the following link and cast your vote for the best name for our Traveling Bb Support Moose. He/She thanks you for your time and your very very moosey-consideration!

Voting continues until 12/21.

Winner announced and $100 prize handed out 1/13/2014 in the student center.

Contest rules are as follows:
  • Users are strongly encouraged not to vote for their own submission.
  • One vote per person.
  • Copyrighted and inappropriate names have been removed from the eligible name pool

As video evidence that all moose search for a name, I submit to you a video of a moose clearly searching for something.  We speculate that this moose is searching for a fitting name to accompany such majestic antlers. 

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