Friday, December 13, 2013

MIT Media Lab's easy Android App Builder.

The last post related to MIT Media Lab came from a short blog about Scratch, MIT Media Lab's very basic programming language for kids that can help people get acclimated with very basic programming.

This time, MIT Media Lab has almost outdone itself by creating Appinventor a user-friendly way to develop Android Apps. Like Scratch, MIT Media Lab has made tutorials and information incredibly accessible and user-friendly for users of all technical backgrounds.  Meaning, that whatever app you can dream-up, you can create!  The opportunity presented by Appinventor to have a lot of fun, make something incredibly useful, and learn a lot about apps is also 100% free.

Curious about what types of apps you can create with Appinventor? MIT Appinventor Stories has all sorts of posts about interesting and creative apps that have been developed by the Appinventor community.  Check it out!

So, as Miss Frizzle used to say, "Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!"  Most of all, enjoy!

Here's a quick sneak-peak at Appinventor's user-friendly layout


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