Friday, November 15, 2013

Pasting from Microsoft Word into Blackboard!

The Sun is shining, it's Friday, all is right in the SU universe, and I have a phenomenal Blackboard feature to tell you about!   That's right, the feature is integrated pasting from Microsoft Word into Blackboard's Content Editor!

In older versions, in order to properly paste from word into Blackboard, you had to go through the Paste from Word mashup which seemed, to many, like too many steps were involved.

Now, to paste perfectly formatted text from Word into Blackboard, all you have to do is copy and paste.  Granted, sometimes numbered lists get a little wonky, but Blackboard has built in to the content editor a wonderful button that allows you to highlight text and clear format so that you can manually straighten them out.  The "Clear Formatting" button can be found in the image of the content editor below:

I suspect many of you have already enjoyed this feature many times without knowing about it because its use is so seamless.  The next time you paste from Word to Blackboard, do it with confidence!

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