Monday, November 18, 2013

Google Tips From Devon

Google Docs Research
Insert Tables

The Google Docs research tool is an incredibly useful addition to Google Drive.  This side pane allows you to search and insert web links, pictures, quotes and now tables all directly into your Google Docs and Presentations. Want to see a demo? Click the link to check it out!

Gmail Ipad App Update
The Gmail App on iOS got a recent update that provides a much cleaner and more user friendly interface.  If you haven't updated the App yet, go to the app store to get the update.  I think you will like the new and improved interface. Want to see what's changed? Check out the link above for the gmail blog.

Google Now Voice Commands
Google Now is the intuitive assistant that lives within the Google Search App. By using the voice search within the app, you can have instant access to a whole host of information.  Check out this great info-graphic for all of the voice search terms that the assistant can respond to conversationally.

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