Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Possible Limited Interruption Of Internet Access On Monday, 10/28

Cisco has issued a security warning and SU needs to update the firewall. The update is planned to start by 7:00a on Monday, October 28. There may be a limited interruption of Internet access to and from campus for the few minutes it takes for the firewall to update and reload.

At the same time, the IC networking staff will be rebooting on one of the switches on SU's c7000 system.  This switch is currently not connected to anything and therefore there should be no disruption in service..... But the c7000 system does run the Datatel and Blackboard systems, just on a different switch.

We understand there is no good time to take the network down and every effort will be made to minimize the outage. IC staff are coordinating these upgrades to minimize the possibility of downtime. 

If you experience any issue with Internet services, Datatel, or Blackboard after 8:30a on Monday; please contact the Help Desk via phone at 540-665-5555, via email at helpdesk@su.edu, or through the online ticket system at https://workorder.su.edu

Thanks for your understanding,
Your Bb Support Team 

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