Friday, August 16, 2013

Make Sure to Enroll in The Business Office Organization

As a student this year, each one of you will be responsible for self-enrolling in the Business Office Organization.  If you do not enroll, you are going to miss out on a bunch of important information, such as:
The cuteness is strong with this one
  • Refund Check Information
  • Parking Pass Deadline Information
  • Tuition Information
Enrolling in the Business Office Organization is easier than saying, "awwwwe." when you see an eight week old basset hound sleeping peacefully with his little puppy-paws up on the armrest of a chair.

How to enroll in the Business Office Organization:

    • From the “My Bb” page click the center tab that says “Administrative”
    • Enter the words “Business Office” and click “Go” in the “Organization Search” bar
    • In the next screen put your mouse over the organization name, a chevron will appear.  Click the chevron.
    • A drop down list will appear and it will say “Enroll” click Enroll and then on the following page click “Submit”

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