Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Make Sure to Edit Your Blackboard Profile

Instead of integrating some of our academic features with social networking sites that you most likely use, Shenandoah has decided to separate business from pleasure by embracing the features of Blackboard Profile.

This is one of the newer features to Blackboard; this year, you certainly want to have your Blackboard Profile information edited and current.  There are a lot of features in Blackboard that are going to require you to submit information, and if your Blackboard Profile is up-to-date it will allow the people who are reading your submissions to know more information about you.

Editing your Blackboard Profile is easy. Here is an explanation about how to edit your Blackboard Profile:

  • Go to your "My Bb" page
  • Click the "Avatar" image in the top left corner
  • Hit the "Edit My Blackboard Profile" button
  • Edit the relevant information and set your privacy settings and click submit

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