Friday, July 26, 2013

Technology Outage At SU - Status Report

Just in case you haven't heard, there was a power outage in the server room the evening of Thursday, July 25 approximately around 7:33p ET. Institutional Computing (IC) had to shut down all SU servers and sent a campus wide email alert to all users.  At approximately 10:10p ET, IC sent another email alert informing users that the power was still and would probably remain out over night while the electric company & IC staff worked on the situation. The cause was determined to be a squirrel that jumped from a tree to the power line, yes the squirrel was found dead on the ground.

Approximately 7:20a ET today, the power was restored and the hope was to start rebooting servers, however the Air Conditioning (AC) unit that keeps the servers cool failed and the server reboots could not happen due to the extreme heat in the server room. IC staff quickly evaluate the situation. However, users were notified at 9:02a that SU e-mail was working off campus and that the SU phone systems are working. Additionally, users were reminded that they could also communicate via smartphone or cellular data plans on there iPads.

At 10:16a ET today, the AC had been restored and the Internet services on campus were available along with wireless on campus initially. All other servers were restated and 10:56a ET technology services were functioning again and users were notified via email.

No Blackboard (Bb) user data was lost or corrupted.  The IC department and the University apologizes for any inconvenience caused.  If you have any further questions, please contact the Help Desk at or 540-665-5555.

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