Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Tips to Create Strong Passwords- Good Guide for Teachers and Students

Passwords are the keys to unlocking the world of technology but these keys, if not meticulously selected, can pose  real safety issues to our online identity. With all the hacking and phishing that is taking place in the world wide web, it behoves us as teachers and educators to instruct our kids on the importance of using strong passwords.

Be it to open an account in a social media platform or to access one's emails, passwords are always used on almost a daily basis. Students need to know that passwords are not only a combination of numbers we tend to remember the most, but are also the lock to our online identity  and unless we have a secured lock, our virtual selves become easy preys to hackers.

The infographic below provides some stats on the use of passwords and features some popular and not recommended examples of passwords but most importantly, and this is why I am sharing it with you here, it provides some useful tips on how to choose strong passwords. Please have a look and share with your students.

For your safety, Please do not leave your SU password to the initial value. Reset it to something safer! If you need assistance stop by the Help Desk ( or 540.665.5555). You can also find instructions on resetting your SUNet password here and your Google email password here.

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