Monday, May 6, 2013

Reducing Your Course List

Want to remove a completed course from your "Course List/My Courses" Module? Want to rearrange how the courses are listed within this module? Follow these quick steps to edit the courses displayed in this module or rearrange the order you see them.
Select the sprocket from the My Courses Module in Blackboard

1: Select the sprocket from the Module in Blackboard. This will allow you to mange the settings for this module.
Select the settings for the My Courses Modules, inlcuding rearranging courses or hidden courses

1: Rearrange the order in which course will be displayed in Blackboard by utilizing the drap and drop option on the left hand side of the screen.
2: Determine which courses you would like to display in the module or hide from the module, including individual settings for each course such as announcements, course name, course id, tasks, and calendar.
3: Once these changes have been made click the submit button
Remember you can always go back to the settings and make changes at anytime.

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